On May 11, 2012 WCY two of TOGO in collaboration with the children of SOS to the world we; CTM (Carrefour Tiers Monde) has participated in a conference SOS CHILDREN'S VILLAGE From TOGO live in Dakar, Senegal with other organizations to discuss a theme: Support alternative and traditional mechanisms are supported and enhanced family The meeting started at 7h 30min presentation by participants and also to explain the themes. Then we gave our views on the subject. We shared ideas around a debate about what causes children to be away from their families, what they encounter and how to help We talked directly with Mr. Hamidou Kane CHECK since Dakar, to whom we had many questions to know Countries in which he represented UNICEF. ? How the alternative care was done in his day? How he sees the situation of working children in WEST AFRICA? We also proposed some solutions to help children in difficult situations by asking the makers of the world's major organizations of the world's governments to: - Support the work of grassroots organizations - Listen and learn to listen to children in difficult circumstances in order to help - Assist associations of bases to go inside the country to live the reality of a child, listen until you know how to help him in his difficulties - Assist associations in monitoring children after listening to and oriented - Participate in the care of children in orphanages etc.. At the end of our conference we all submitted a poem as a message to the world of decision-makers, governments of countries, in brief the various organizations in Africa and around the world POEM: SILENT CRI I'm an abandoned child Innocent in a cruel world Abused, exploited, thrown into the street See what we are men What will become of me? A little bread, a little water, a little straw, a little affection are my rights I cry, I cry your heart are reached? Give me a smile Give me love Donnerz me a family A CHILD IS BETTER THAN A BAG OF DIAMOND

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