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Dear friends communicators AMWCY

As you all know, the African Commission meeting will be held in Dakar from 8 to 19 October.

At the same time, a group of WCY communicate by drawing on violence against children has been identified to work on the production and preparation of the annual bulletin AMWCY "WCY face the Challenge # 13" and make Comics on "violence against children" as the next "Jeuda" AMWCY.

They begin to arrive in Senegal from Saturday, October 13. Some of them will work with delegates COMAF on Comics (BD) in Thies while others remain in Dakar to prepare the bulletin "WCY face the Challenge No. 13."

On October 17, the entire group of communicators will gather in Dakar for not only treat products made in Thies (BD, articles, photos, poems, songs, etc.). Bulletin for the draft but will the next "Jeuda." They will be supported by delegates from COMAF October 19

For the purposes of the preparation of the annual report AMWCY "WCY face the Challenge", we invite you to come with activity reports, articles and illustrative photos of your AWCY and national coordination, poems, songs, recitations, drawings, tapes designed and made by WCY any other medium of communication you have and which can be put into the challenge.

Thank you and goodbye




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